Holistic services with a focus on your
body, mind & soul.

Our Le Blu team creates a
safe haven for self-healing.

Through the power of holistic
therapies, we help you find
your Soul Blueprint.

We work together to propel
you forward on your path
to self-discovery and growth.


Le Blu


Le Blu provides all styles of yoga, but with a special focus
on taking your practice deeper into a spiritual space.
Our holistic yoga classes combine movement with
breathwork, to rejuvenate the body, mind and soul.
We provide individual and group sessions, both online
and in-person.


At Le Blu we understand that body, mind and soul are all
connected. That’s why our team consists of talented
bodyworkers, who combine therapeutic massage
with energy medicine for a truly holistic experience.
Le Blu’s massage treatments have roots in a range of
different cultures, all based on ancient wisdom
passed on through generations.



The Tarot is a spiritual tool used for divinatory purposes
since the mid-15th century. A reading with our physic
reader can help
guide you to a deeper level of self-
awareness. It is a way to journey into yourself and discover
your spiritual centre, or
Soul Blueprint. Using the Tarot as a
mechanism also helps in the development of your
own psychic
abilities, empowering you to choose the right path.


More and more people have stress-related complaints. 
Burnout, anxiety, and panic disorders or just ‘ordinary’
stress. Breathwork is a powerful way to release the
tension in your body, and alter your physical, mental,
and emotional state
. Our breath coaches will guide you
in breathing techniques that you can use in daily life.
We offer individual and group sessions.


Reiki is all about connecting the body and mind
by improving the natural energy flow between the
physical and astral body. It’s an energy healing 
technique that promotes relaxation, and reduces
stress and anxiety through gentle touch. Our Reiki 
practitioners use their hands to deliver energy to 
your body, improving the flow and balance of your
energy to support healing.

More Healing

Le Blu offers a variety of other services to promote
spiritual healing and emotional well-being. These range
 from sound bath meditation classes, to sacred cacao
ceremonies, designed to re-balance the energies and
restore good health.

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