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Le Blu is derived from the word blueprint. Soul Blueprint. When we incarnate on this earth, the precise moment we are born is time-stamped with all of the information about our soul. A Soul Blueprint is a collection of this information. It’s the design of your divine plan and life purpose that you came into this world to experience.

As the founder of Le Blu I’m connected to this sacred process, activating my own Soul Blueprint and embracing my role in guiding others in their unique journey. It’s our heartfelt missions to assist you in unveiling your Soul Blueprint and illuminating the path that leads to your life’s purpose. 

The Le Blu team is here to guide you. Within our exceptional team, we have gathered passionate and skilled practitioners who offer personalised holistic services, transformative sessions, rejuvenating treatments, soul-enriching and retreats. We are here to help you realign your priorities all over again. Help you, choosing yourself. Guide you spiritually, growing and loving yourself and finding love for others. Uncover your Soul Blueprint, uncover the purpose of your life. 

With love and gratitude, 
Elny, founder of Le Blu


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