4 & 5 november | Weekend Ceremonies


Dear beautiful human! 🦋

Due to 3 drop outs for our “Reconnect with your heart“ retreat that me and Filippa ( @dancingwiththeyouniverse) were hosting this weekend ( 4-5 nov) we decided to postpone the retreat for next year and instead open up the beautiful Bali Garden for not one, but two ceremonies this weekend. We decided to bring our most popular ceremonies from Amsterdam to Marbella: “Healing Your Inner Child“ and “Releasing Old Patterns“

We often form our shadow side in childhood from our inability to authentically express our true nature. It’s a time to uncover unconscious patterns or emotions that prevent us from realising our dreams, when we can step into the shadows of our minds we can feel the parts of ourselves. Let us take you there!

We are welcoming you to a weekend full of healing!

Healing Your Inner Child 
Micro dosing /Cacao / Sound healing/ Journaling/ Reiki /Orcle cards
Saturday 04 Nov 14:00-17:00

Releasing Old Patterns 
Ice bath /Emotional release/Breath work /Sound healing/Yoga nidra/Fire ceremony
Sunday 04 Nov 14:00-17:00

1 day ticket €35
2 day ticket €60
*Feel free to bring cash or use the payment links below.

Arrival time
Please arrive around 13:45 so we can start the session at 14.00 We will close the doors at 13:55.
Casa Armada in stunning Mijas, Las Lagunas
What to bring
– Journal
– Pen
– Yoga mat
– Water bottle
– Blanket
– Meditation pillow / bolster
Even though we are in sunny Spain and we expect it to be sunny on both days, its important to keep yourself warm. So make sure you are wearing comfortable and if needed warm clothes.
The session is from 14-17.00.
We recommend you to eat a light breakfast/lunch before attending the ceremony hence to the cacao and the mircodosing. After the session we will offer snacks and tea.
Attending both days
If you want to sign up for both days, please state that in the email.
Ceremony program: Day 1| Deep Inner Child Healing
• Opening ceremony
• Cacao
• Oracle cards + journaling
• Sound healing /reiki
• Micro dosing
• Connecting exercises
• Deep guided Inner child meditation
Ceremony program: Day 2 | Releasing Old Patterns
• Opening ceremony
• Breathwork / Drum
• Ice bath
• Sound healing / guided meditation
• Emotional release + pattern exercise
• Fire ceremony
We are so excited to invited you to both of this ceremonys. If you have any questions about the ceremony, do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to welcoming you!

“If we face our unpleasant feelings with care, affection, and nonviolence, we can transform them into the kind of energy that is healthy and has the capacity to nourish us.”

Love đź’™,
Filippa & Elny


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