BODYWORK | Amsterdam

Dive into transformative yoga, rejuvenating massages, and the ancient art of cupping. Explore the revitalizing power of breathwork and the invigorating embrace of icebaths. Unwind, rejuvenate, and harmonize your mind, body, and spirit in this oasis of holistic care. 

Transformational Cupping | Amsterdam

Transformational Cupping is a combination of cupping, manual therapy, nutrition and detox. It combines very diverse techniques and achieves fantastic results. We combine Eastern and Western medicine and apply detox with nutrition as medicine. This is not regular cupping! We will literally and figuratively peel layers of you, both mentally and physically. This form is more intense and in-depth than regular cupping, making it more effective. During a cupping treatment, blockages, waste products, trauma, illnesses, old pain, connective tissue layers, accumulations of fat and muscle knots are released. You literally get and feel space in your head and body again. You feel lighter and more energetic. More conscious, more intuitive, less disturbed and closer to yourself.


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Le Blu location: 90 min / €125

Yoga | Private (Amsterdam)

We offer personalized 1:1 yoga sessions of 60 or 90 minutes in Amsterdam, where we bring the transformative power of yoga to the comfort of your own home or any preferred location within Amsterdam.

Customize your experience by choosing your favorite yoga teacher from our talented Le Blu team. (If you need help finding the best yoga teacher for you, please ask us to advise you). Whether you seek the guidance of a gentle Hatha practitioner, a dynamic Vinyasa instructor, or any other specialized style, we have the perfect teacher for you. Find balance, unity, and rejuvenation under the guidance of your chosen instructor. Connect deeply, breathe, and embrace the transformative power of yoga.




60 min / €90
90 min / €110

Reiki | Amsterdam

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Reiki Healing | 40/60/75 mins

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40 Minutes: 60€
60 Minutes: €75
75 minutes: €90

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