Energy healer | Marbella
" I believe that everyone is a warrior of light and love, if we trust to shine it brightly. "
I am Gabriela, a gifted spirit healer and intuitive leader. With my clairvoyant abilities, I assist individuals in understanding and healing the roots of their challenges. My approach connects deeply with your energy and leads into transformative healing experiences. My guidance is not for everyone. It requires readiness and openness to do the inner work. I don't sugarcoat the truth. However, if you feel called to embark on this journey, I will wholeheartedly support you in healing on a profound level. (In German, Lithuanian, Russian or English). Let’s tap into your inner wisdom and unlock your true potential. It would be an honor to guide you on your path of healing.

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Yoga | Private (Online)

We offer personalized 1:1 yoga sessions of 60 or 90 minutes online via Zoom, where we bring the transformative power of yoga to the comfort of any location you feel comfortable, as long as you have a good Wi-Fi connection.

Customize your experience by choosing your favorite yoga teacher from our talented Le Blu team. (If you need help finding the best yoga teacher for you, please ask us to advise you). Whether you seek the guidance of a gentle Hatha practitioner, a dynamic Vinyasa instructor, or any other specialized style, we have the perfect teacher for you. Find balance, unity, and rejuvenation under the guidance of your chosen instructor. Connect deeply, breathe, and embrace the transformative power of yoga.



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90 min / €80

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