Yin yoga instructor | AMSTERDAM
"Embrace the divine within you and let your spirit soar in harmony with the universe."
I am Nazima, a passionate yin yoga teacher and yoga therapist based in Amsterdam. Through gentle yin yoga practice, I guide individuals towards holistic well-being and inner balance. Join me to experience the transformative benefits of yin yoga and personalized yoga therapy. Let's cultivate mindfulness, release tension, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Welcome to a nurturing space where body, mind, and spirit reconnect. Embrace harmony and well-being with me.

My Services

Yin Yoga | 75/90 min

We offer personalized 1:1 yoga sessions of 60/75/90 minutes in the vibrant city of Amsterdam. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural atmosphere as we bring the transformative power of yoga to a location of your choice. Create your unique experience by selecting your preferred yoga teacher from our esteemed team. Whether you desire the gentle guidance of a Hatha practitioner, the invigorating flow of Vinyasa, or any other specialized style, our diverse instructors are here to cater to your needs. Find balance, unity, and rejuvenation under the expert guidance of your chosen teacher. Breathe deeply, connect mind and body, and embrace the transformative essence of yoga. Discover your path, listen to your soul’s whispers, and carry the wisdom gained from each session into your daily life.

90 min / €90
75 min / €75
60 min / €60

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